Thingsquare is a cloud service that connects devices with smartphone apps.
Works with all smartphones.

Boost Marketing

Reach new customers by understanding customer behavior.

Improve Customer Experience

Win customers through proactive, personalized customer experience based on usage patterns.

Provide Value-Added Mechanisms

Increase revenue with value-added mechanisms for existing customers.

Connected Home Products

Consumers are getting increasingly aware of the benefits of connected home products such as thermostats, home appliances, and light bulbs. Smartphone apps are becoming the universal remote control.

With the Thingsquare system, connected products connect directly to the home WiFi router – no additional setup needed. Devices securely connect through firewalls to make them easy to setup and use.

Smart Lighting

LED light bulbs. Commercial lighting. Smart street lights. Better lighting and lower energy costs.

Thingsquare-based lighting products can use traditional 2.4 GHz or longer-range sub-GHz wireless communication. The Thingsquare system allows light control either individually or in groups. Thingsquare's backend monitors the lights to make sure outages are quickly found.

Thingsquare Hardware Partners

Texas Instruments Showing the Thingsquare System at CES 2014

How Thingsquare Works

Smartphone and Browser frontend

Interact with the wireless devices through the Thingsquare API.

The Thingsquare Backend

The Thingsquare backend connects the devices with the API. Run the backend in the cloud or behind your own firewall.

The Open Source Firmware

Connect devices to the Thingsquare system by adding a single wireless System-on-a-Chip. The chip runs the Thingsquare open source firmware.

The Wireless Mesh

The wireless devices automatically discover each other. They connect to the Internet via Ethernet or WiFi.

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Thingsquare Professional Services

Product Strategy

Thingsquare can provide expert advice on how to develop your Thingsquare-based connected product.

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Development Projects

The Thingsquare team help you develop a custom software solution for your specific product or system.

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About Thingsquare

Thingsquare provides solutions for connected devices with customers in a range of markets: smart metering, smart lighting, city networking, connected home devices, and wireless sensors. Our technology leverages the Internet Protocol (IPv6), IEEE 802.15.4, and IETF 6lowpan header compression to allow wireless devices to connect seamlessly to the cloud.

Thingsquare's system build on a combination of Thingsquare's revolutionary low-power networking technology and a backend server system. The server backend may be hosted in the cloud or deployed behind-your-firewall.

Through Thingsquare's hardware partner network, Thingsquare customers have access to state-of-the-art hardware components and solutions.

Thingsquare was founded in 2012 and by a group of Internet of things pioneers with over 25 years of combined expertise in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless sensor networks, and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Thingsquare's head office is in Stockholm, Sweden.

Thingsquare's training classes are a popular way to learn all there is to know about Internet of Things technology and the emerging Internet of Things market.